Golden Diamond premium ice cream, crafted from the finest ingredients from around the world.


exceptional ice cream

Our mission at Golden Diamond is to provide an exceptional ice cream experience that reflects Iraqi sensibility and impeccable taste. We strive to blend traditional values with modern flair by using only the finest ingredients in our premium products.

symphony of flavors

We understand that true connoisseurs appreciate the richness and quality of our ice creams. That's why we carefully select ingredients like luscious fruit from fields in Europe and rich Belgian chocolate to create a symphony of flavors. We believe that the smoothest texture and the richest taste can only be achieved by blending these exquisite ingredients with the creamiest milk.

embodies luxury

Golden Diamond is committed to delivering a delightful ice cream experience that embodies luxury, refinement, and indulgence. We take pride in crafting our products for those who appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy sharing them with others.

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